Kentucky defends association with fast food chain

Kentucky defends association with fast food chain

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is defending a $24.2 million grant to an organization that supports a fast-food chain, saying it’s helping „compete“ with another food chain.

A Kentucky Department of Agriculture spokesperson told FoodNavigator Kentucky that the company „does not promote or condone the promotion of illegal activities.“

The spokeswoman was responding to a report in a story from The News & Courier.

The report referenced $1.1 million in state-subsidized scholarships for Kentucky’s „largest and most successful“바카라 사이트 fast-food franchisees, according to the article.

„The grant was not intended to promote or assist in the unlawful promotion of illegal activity that would disrupt any business or jeopardize legitimate business operations,“ the Department of Agriculture told FoodNavigator Kentucky.

The money also doesn’t support an organization that was named as a sponsor of the fast-food company, FoodForKendall, according to a statement from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

That organization was the group behind the „Get 경주안마 경주출장샵Your Forky To Your Food“ campaign that promoted its signature „forky to your fries“ fast-food sandwiches.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture said it has since identified the $2.2 million grant „as a general allocation to a limited number of qualifying enterprises.“

A representative for the Kentucky State Department of Health and Human Services provided the following statement on the matter: „I am not aware of any other public school system’s grant that has a similar use.“

In other words, it’s not clear if the departmen부천출장안마t is taking money from these fast-food companies as a whole, or has a specific purpose.

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