Tas govt toughens up on problem gambling – report

Tas govt toughens up on problem gambling – report

12.50: PSA: I don’t think it’s necessary to ban all casinos.

12.50: PSA: I don’t think it’s necessary to ban every single online casino.

12.46: PSA: I don’t think it’s necessary to tax online gambling, but I would like to see the money diverted from online casino companies into better services for the community.

12.41: PSA: It’s important we do not l골목ose sight of the fact this is still about games and people having fun.

12.37: PSA: I believe it is appropriate that if a police office부천출장마사지r is called to a casino they should be allowed to enter and be paid in order to stop harm being done to people who don’t have a casino license.

12.35: PSA: I am extremely concerned about the rise of the online gambling industry.

12.30: PSA: I am deeply concerned that online casinos may be breaking laws and, in some cases, creating new crimes in NSW.

12.23: PSA: I will not be supporting online casinos unless they work very hard to meet the needs of their users, but I will not be in favour of punishing people for a non-existent problem.

12.22: PSA: The only legitimate reason for introducing an online gambling industry in NSW is to help reduce crime – not protect individuals.

12.19: PSA: I am absolutely against any form of gambling that encourages people to commit fraud and create the risk of harm to others.

12.18: PSA: Online casinos have to show that they are helping people to make more money and that is the only way they can be regulated safely.

12.15: PSA: An important factor in regulating gambling is evidence of success or failure. It is important to allow customers of online casinos to determine how much they are spending on online games that they have a good understanding of, and this is not something that can be legislated away or regulated against.

12.샌즈 카지노12: PSA: I will also not tolerate a growing number of small businesses who are providing excellent services to the gaming community.

12.08: PSA: There has never been and never will be a legitimate reason for a person to access online gambling and it is not up to anyone but the Government to change the reality of who can and cannot have access to these online games

Australians expected to spend 2b at boxing day sales

Australians expected to spend 2b at boxing day sales

Mayweather’s last win at the ring saw him win an international belt with his first fight

A record number of people are expected to attend a boxing day sale at Waverley Boxing Club where fighters from around the world fight their first bouts aga바카라사이트inst each other.

At 1.30pm on Saturday, Boxing Day, Waverley will be selling up to 6.5m shirts, 10kgs of beer and more than 500kg of merchandise including T-shirts, hats, underwear and boxing gloves, the club confirmed to The Sunday Times.

„There are more people on the floor than we have for any previous boxing sale anywhere in the country,“ said Dave Hall, chief executive of the Waverley Boxing Club. „We’ve sold out the last three sold out shows, three of which have had 10,000 in the queue before we took the first ticket and all the others with 10,000 in the queue before the ticket was sold out, so there will be more of a queue this year.“

Hall added: „Waverley is a small venue, but we got some good, locally made merchandise with some great fights and fans coming from all over Australia too.“

With a record of selling over a million tickets since the venue opened in 1992, Boxing Day is being closely watched as a landmark event in the boxing calendar. „It’s a real testament to Waverley’s support for boxing and to the people coming in to buy tickets that are being handed out for $20 to $25 per night,“ said David Eardley, chief executive of the Australia Boxing Foundation, which organises the box-office in the city.

Waverley is also celebrating the 100th anniversary of its inception last year when a special performance by Joe Smith, former Olympic and Commonwealth boxing champion, was one of the main attractions.

Smith is best known for defeating his opponent in the London Olympics by 10 points우리카지노 in one minute and 37 seconds in 1950 when Smith fought a man called Charles Thompson.

Although many of Smith’s bouts were in the ring with people outside the ring, such as former world champion George Foreman, he 카지노 사이트enjoyed huge support from his community.

„Smith became an overnight success, and this will be his 100th career fight when he faces Manny Pacquiao on January 24,“ said Dave Hall, CEO of the Waverley Boxing Club. „It’s a remarkable feat, and Smith’s fight is one that will set off the fireworks in this tow

Elephant kills 12 females over spurned advances

Elephant kills 12 females over spurned advances

A teenage elephant with a stinging leg was killed and the rest of the group captured by a hunting party.

The elephant has a leg tha더킹카지노t has been stung repeatedly by a number of different animals, including a lion, a leopard and an African lioness.

The elephant managed to flee from the hunt party after the males tried to stab her.

The two surviving male elephant herd members were also injured during the fight that led to their deaths.

Mozambican elephant calf discovered at the African Wildlife Foundation

The elephant’s fate is unclear as the party that killed her has been caught but the calf remains in its mother’s pouch.

According to Mozambican media, the calf was believed to be between the ages of four and 10 when it died.

Her mother was also found dead near her hideout.

Mozambican animal conservation group PETA described the hunt party as ‚extremely motivated‘ and warned against „throwing money at the problem“.

„The killing of two young animals with no evidence of human involvement is a tragedy for animals at risk in the wild,“ said Pamela Taylor, PETA’s executive vice-president for global camp우리카지노aigns.

„They should never have been allowed to hunt and it’s imperative that we act now and prevent this happening again.

„Elephant populations are already at severe ris우리카지노k and yet there are too few of these animals left in the wild. Elephants that are capable of being tamed should be allowed to roam free in their natural habitat, not in the wild, and no one is taking into account the incredible value these animals provide to our ecosystem.“