Breakers win game one of nbl grand final series

Breakers win game one of nbl grand final series

THE BLOG: Watch highlights of the game one of the nbl grand final series from the New York Knicks in Brooklyn.

It’s one of those nights that you can take in both ends. What follows is a video review of what happened on Friday.


The Knicks took a 16-4 lead, then took back the lead on the offensive end in the third quarter, and then held on against the lead in the fourth quarter to make it 18-16. In the fourth quarter, New York made just 3-of-5 three point shots to put the game away for good. The Knicks were 11-9 at halftime and 9-9 after the break.

The 더킹카지노Knicks had two scoring leads entering the fourth quarter. They led by three going into halftime before taking advantage of a layup by Kyle O’Quinn to push the lead to 16-11. O’Quinn, who led the Knicks in scoring in the last four games of the season, gospelhitzwas out with a lower back injury, but the Knicks weren’t going to let him rest at halftime. They pushed all over the basket and outscored the Nets by 18 points, 12-5. New York was outrebounded 41-24 over that period. The Knicks also committed 14 turnovers for a whopping 27-18 lead. This one could have been different, but the fact that it came down to the fourth quarter and it looked like a game for the ages certainly wasn’t.

The Knicks were able to find some life in the fourth with just four minutes left. Courtney Lee came off the bench with 1카지노 사이트6 minutes left. The Knicks were able to finish that play with a 20-foot three by Carmelo Anthony to extend the lead. It was the fourth time in the last five games, this was the fourth time in three losses that these Knicks were outrebounded by the Nets.

After two possessions where New York started in transition, it did a great job moving off to the right, starting with the four to Anthony on the right side, and then a short pull-up jumper by Chandler off the left shoulder, who ended up scoring a basket to take over. The Knicks shot 58.9 percent over that frame, though, which leads to me.

The Knicks were able to capitalize on the turnover and offensive mishap early to take a 17-16 lead. By the half, the Knicks had just six free throws, and the Nets were up by two late. The Knicks neede

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