Investigators comb through crash scene on sydneys north shore of Manly beach

Investigators comb through crash scene on sydneys north shore of Manly beach

Two people have been treated for non life-threatening injuries following an off-duty police helicopter crash on the northern shore of Sydney’s Manly Beach.

The helicopter landed in water shortly after 8.20am and two people were transported to hospital by boat, with one suffering minor injuries and the other a minor cut.

No-one was in the plane when it landed in the shallow water, but the pilot left the aircraft on site to assess the damag더킹카지노e.

The area around Sydney’s Manly beach is patrolled by dozens of helicopter patrol boats and at least two of the boats at the scene were on board at the time.

Police, paramedics and firefighters were seen walking around the damaged plane, which had the propellers stabilisers removed.

One helicopter crew member told ABC TV he hoped the aircraft was repaired.

„I hope it’s out of the water and not on fire and will come back safe,“ he said.

„People have been injured and we’re just waiting to get the person who’s injured to us so we can see if they’re OK and have them assessed.“

The crash comes less than two weeks after a plane crashed about 10 miles north of the beach near Mount Gambier, about 20km south-east of Manly.

Witnesses said that when their helicopter returned to the scene shortly after it landed at 8.50am yesterday, flames had engulfed the aircraft, with an engine in flames, no instruments running and the control surfaces showijarvees.comng smoke inside.

On Tuesday night, a search and rescue crew went to the scene of the second helicopter crash, just a short distance away on the north shore of Manly.

Police Inspector Michael Oates, from the North Coast Fire Brigade, said it was a „very busy afternoon“ around the town and he believed the first helicopter crash was not the cause of the second.