Man pleads not guilty to mackay murder

Man pleads not guilty to mackay murder

JOSHUA HALEY JOURNALIST The inquest jury has heard And더킹카지노rew Joseph Mackay was shot by his neighbour Michael McKeown on 28th June 2014 in the Mackay family’s home in the town of Mowbray. Mr Mackay is still facing a range of charges that include murder, reckless driving and failing to stop for the police.

The Coroners Court heard there were no witnesses to the shooting and there was a gun recovered but it was not found at the scene.

But the inquest heard Mr McKeown, 22, who is also the father of Andrew’s older brother Luke, had been drinking and was upset when he saw a man smoking on the front lawn.

The inquest jury heard Mr McKeown grabbed a gun in response to his son바카라사이트 taking the man’s phone from his car, before firing a shot and telling his mother to „get out of my house“.

He told jurors it was „completely understandable“ how Michael McKeown was upset by his son.

The court heard how the bullet ricocheted and hit the back of the Mr Mackay’s home.

Michael McKeown had been drinking after taking a six-week holiday in France while Andrew, then 25, was staying in a hostel for the disabled while he trained for the Paralympic Games.

Andrew had been taking a nap in his car as he left work, but the inquest jury heard how after his phone died he did not check his email or watch TV until the day before his death and missed a telephone call from his doctor which had gi우리카지노ven him a prescription for the opiate tranquiliser naloxone (Narcan), which uses a specialised nasal drug to counter withdrawal symptoms of heroin.

When police arrived Mr McKeown was still on the street outside, where police told him to leave the area.

But Andrew’s mother Catherine, 56, said her son had been drinking three or four days beforehand so she was convinced he wanted to keep his stash hidden and had decided to keep it in his car.

Mr McKeown had told police that he thought Andrew was going to take his phone. Catherine, who has cerebral palsy, had recently been told her son had to undergo further treatment.

But the inquest jurors heard that there were problems with Andrew’s mother making the first call, and she failed to tell her son that he had to leave.

After failing to answer the call he aske