Wildcats consolidate top spot

Wildcats consolidate top spot

CAMBRIDGE: The Mounties are set바카라사이트 to begin taking calls for possible new leadership, but they should soon be at the top of their list for president and deputy president, according to a new poll.

The Forum Research poll found 53 per cent of voters woul더킹카지노d cast a ballot for a new leadership, with 18 per cent saying th바카라사이트ey would vote for whoever the party leader is.

Two of the party’s top three candidates came from Quebec and are seeking the top post from Ottawa.

„There has been a lot of talk of the party moving to Quebec, and while we haven’t made any decisions on that, the Mounties are very interested in their candidates,“ said Forum president Lorne Bozinoff.

„The federal Liberal party has been at this with an increasing level of interest since Justin Trudeau became leader, and the Mounties are excited to have a good number of candidates looking to represent them.

„What remains to be seen is who will stand up to them.“

Calls for a federal candidate to jump ship

The Mounties also found about half (52 per cent) would consider running for the federal Liberal job, with another 28 per cent saying they wouldn’t.

There’s a consensus among poll respondents that the Mounties would pick for leadership someone from the middle of the party and not from an older generation (58 per cent) who would be seen as too old to be considered for the top job.

It was the second year in a row the Forum has asked its participants: What would you do if the Mounties asked you to run for leader, deputy leader or chief of staff? The answers were similar: 45 per cent said they would run for party leader and 38 per cent for a second position.

While a majority of party members are satisfied with the way things are going for the party, one-third of voters said they had a „fair amount“ of doubts about Liberal membership levels and three in four (37 per cent) said they’d vote for the other party candidate but are not satisfied with their decision.

Some key findings in this poll:

33 per cent of eligible voters would give the Mounties priority, above the federal party, for party leadership (29 per cent)

24 per cent would want to vote for the party’s top candidates (31 per cent) but would say they wouldn’t take part in a leadership vote (22 per cent)

37 per cent would consider voting i