Britain mulls law change after heathrow chaos, delays

Britain mulls law change after heathrow chaos, delays

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the health service had to becom바카라사이트e „a culture of safety“.

He was responding to suggestions that new rules to control health professionals could lead to the introduction of a „code of silence“ against those who disclose „i더킹카지노nformation they do not want to be discussed“.

Image copyright PA Image caption Lord McAlpine, the former health minister, 우리카지노says there needs to be an end to the code of silence

But he warned of „the potential to undermine our trust in health service professionals“.

The proposals, which would see a body to inspect, sanction and sanction doctors and nurse assistants (NMAs), are being strongly opposed by the health service.

The proposals come after the disclosure of the death of two nurse assistants and several „serious cases“ of abuse of patients by the National Health Service (NHS) at an NHS hospital, including a case involving two patients dying on the operating table.

A spokesman for Lord McAlpine – a former health minister – told the BBC that „without effective control by the health service, bad advice could remain in practice and be passed on to patient health“.

He also said there was a need to make the NHS a „culture of safety“, where people were not pressured to share information.

Lord McAlpine has also called for a full investigation into „an apparent cover-up at one UK hospital“.