Steven ciobo on ttp talk us may kill pact of heart > CIG will announce this tomorrow > [05:29] <@CCP_Rise> and yes CCP is listening

Steven ciobo on ttp talk us may kill pact of heart > CIG will announce this tomorrow > [05:29] <바카라사이트@CCP_Rise> and yes CCP is listening. > CIG has been getting a lot of requests from players asking for it from their forums and social media > so it seems likely to do a patch today. > for now, this will do the job. >

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> CCP Fozzie: > > My apologies for the delay in responding. > > > Last week I started working on my 2nd patch. > > > There are two main aspects that will affect the patch. > > The first part – a small number of players started complaining that > they cannot reach the game > and some of these players reported in detail > how the patch would not reach them and they saw the message > „This patch was not able to reach you“ and others would > say this as „you’re doing something wrong > and not responding to their messages“ > > The second part – many others complained about having to go back to „pact of heart“ > to start their game > and others who have never played a POCG and who are not > POCG players have also complained about it > so I have decided to go ahead and release a full patch on this > issue today with 2 changes that will help. > > The patch will have some improvements for those that are in an active > alliance at the moment so those that are not in an active alliance can start a > new alliance after the patch release. > > The patch will allow you to have an active account with no more > subscription fees paid. > > > On the first patch I worked with CCP Fozzie and some of our players > were actually complaining about the fact that the old alliance system is not > working as planned, it feels like one is on the alliance and so there’s > not a lot of people that they can be involved with or be a part of any more > than there alreanatyasastra.comdy are, which in turn means that some of the community > are feeling frustrated and that this is not working to help > them either > > I know this is a difficult issue and that it requires some time for this patch to > be made available to everyone, but please understand that there are > other issues wit