Australian domestic airlines ripping off customers choice says watchdog

Australian domestic airlines ripping off customers choice says watchdog


A new Australian anti-discrimination watchdog has warned domestic airlines may be seeking to undermine the national market with their prices.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says domestic flights on Australian domestic carriers are „unreasonably high“ and have been for at least 15 years.

Its deputy chairperson and former prime minister Tony Windsor said the A-League „must have gone out of their way“ to „overdo their business.“

„These airlines need to be honest with consumers,“ he said.

„The industry needs to face up to the fact that its pricing system is unfair in a way that really is unfair.“

However, an independent report, by a business consultancy, says international carriers need to make changes to their pricing to provide „competitive access“.

The report, based on research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, says a few of the big five travel operators – Australian, Qantas, Virgin Australia, WestJet and Vodafone – make some of their fares significantly higher than those on domestic airlines.

„This is, to put it lightly, absurd,“ ACC chairwoman Catherine Burn said.

She said the ACC i구리출장샵 구리출장안마s now „very close“ to getting a copy of the report which is expected to be made public in the coming days.

However, some of the major airlines are yet to respond to the report.

„While there have been some calls for them to be held accountabl가평출장마사지e they have yet to respond to us in relation to the ACC’s findings,“ Ms Burn said.

Australian aviation authorities are not expected to comment until after the government’s review of the competition laws is completed in September.

„We’ll see what decisions the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission makes after the review,“ Ms Burn said.

The ACC has not been able to uncover many airlines that have taken advantage of the government’s changes to the competition law.

However, the ACC’s investigation into the prices of ticket vouchers found in some domestic airline websites was not only unbalanced, it resulted in the biggest fraud scandal in the airline industry in recent years.

That was confirmed after the ACC was able to track down the source of tickets sold on the websites, after a dispute with the company.

In an internal report, airline executives said the tickets were purchased from foreign sources.

Australian airline competition law changes announced in 2014

In 2014, the Government announced that an충주출장안마y carrier wishing to enter the Australian marketplace would hav

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